Toilet Flange Installation
Posted by Paul on October 29, 1998 at 23:03:12:
I have cut my 3" PVC drain line flush with the finished floor and will be installing the toilet flange. I have a few questions:
1) I noticed that when dry fitting the flange the underside of the flange still sits about 1/8" above thefinished floor due to a step on the underside of the flange. I am concerned that when the toilet is installed with the wax ring it will rest more than an 1/8" above the floor. How much will the wax ring increase the gap? I can shim the toilet to be level but will I then have to lay in a large bead of caulk to seal? Will the flange potentially break due to the 1/8" gap? Should I shim under the flange also?
2) When installing the flange should I solvent weld and screw to the floor or is one or the other acceptable?

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