Re: Toilet selection
Posted by George on January 20, 19101 at 15:36:23:
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: The American Standard Repertoire is the only toilet I can find that meets our requirements:
: - round front
: - tank design (appearance)
: - 15" - 15 3/4" bowl height
: But the overriding requirement is excellent function, and no where can I find that attribute connected with
: this unit. Can you offer any suggestions? Can I mix & match, e.g. a Toto tank with an AS bowl?
: Thanks.

I doubt you could mix and match. If you want a great flushing toilet, get a pressure assisted one. Go to for more info. I have two and they flush with a lot of force. At first, you may be startled by the sound of the flush, but I wouldn't ever go back to gravity flushing toilets.

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