Posted by Paul Magallanes on January 20, 19101 at 01:37:47:
My Moen shower pull on shut off faucet will not shut off. Previously, I could hardly shut off the water after showering, ie., I could not push the faucet handle in. I replaced the shower trim, faceplate, stop tube, handle, etc. It worked good for one day then I could not get the cartridge to stay in (in a shut off position. Upon shutting off the water, I noticed that the faucet handle was slowly pulling back out, i.e., in an on position.

I may add that before installing the new faceplate, etc., I tried to push the faucet in and thought that if I sprayed WD 40 and silicon on the cartridge, it would become easier to shut off. I hope I did not do the wrong thing and that the lubrication is now the cause of the problem and that I now must replace the cartridge. Also, this is the original faucet and the house is about 35 years old. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

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