Re: Changing tub/shower fixtures, any ideas?
Posted by CM on January 19, 19101 at 21:00:37:
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You didn't really say which parts of the tub/shower valve you wanted to replace (cosmetic pieces or everything), but if you want to replace all of the components, it will involve a lot of work including removing and replacing a good portion of the tiled partition to get at the valve body. You will not be able to replace the drain assembly for the tub unless you can access both behind and below the tub, or remove the tub altogether. You can replace the shower arm and head, valve handles, and tub spout without much fuss as long as you can get them off easily (which might not be easy after 28 years of scale and rust). If you can do that, you should be able to bring the old parts to a home improvement store and find replacements that match the spline/pipe sizes.

Home Depot has a good (but pretty rudimentary) primer called Home Improvement 1-2-3, and I'm sure they will carry other primers, that will show you the hidden parts of the valve and drain assemblies and give you an idea of the kind of task you might face.

: I have a 28 yr. old home that needs the faucets updated. I'm motivated enough to do the exchange myself but want it to go smooth like butter. I've searched the web and really can't find a primer for this task.

: The tub/shower is encased with 4 1/4" tile. It has 6 pieces to it. (1)Shower nozzle, (2&3)hot & cold knobs, (4) knob for drain (which doesn't work now!), (5)a metal disk piece near the top of the tub that appears to be somekind of overflow piece, (6)the drain ring with a stopper that has a handle you twist to stop the water drain.

: Do I need to know exactly what brand I currently have because I'll need to buy that same brand again or can I change brands? Is there anything in the interior of the wall plumbing wise I have to be concerned about? How do you change the drain portion? Is there anything (probably so) that I'm missing or need answers for? Thanks

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