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Posted by Terry Love on January 19, 19101 at 11:52:43:
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: Now that I have your attention.

: : I have a toilet flange for a 3" copper pipe and
: it looks like it may have been leaded in place. I want to replace it. What is the easiest way to get the lead out without harming the 3" copper pipe? Is acetylene hot enough or should I use propane? Will this hurt the pipes?
: Thanks in advance.

This is a risky procedure.

Heating a 3" flange hot enough to pull it off in place, with wood around is dangerous.
If the end goal is to have a stiffer flange to hold bolts, you can add a repair flange over the top.

You can use either acetylene or propane. Copper melts at a higher temperature than the lead.
With care, the copper would be fine. If the lead is placed over oakum, some use a 1/4" drill bit to drill out the lead. If the flange is soldered to the pipe, then heating is the only way short of cutting it off altogether.

You may also consider cutting the flange and 90 bend off and using a mission style coupling that goes from copper pipe size and plastic pipe size, or even cast iron.

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