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Posted by keith on January 19, 19101 at 04:50:01:
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Diana, The life of a water heater tank depends on the quality of your water, re(high mineral content, hard water). In my area in the northeast. an average of thirteen years has been the norm and our water tends to have a high mineral content. Your temperature/pressure release valve is a safty device. If its releasing, then its doing its job. Normally I would say a new nore efficieny water heater would be recommended. Minerial build-up over time can cause the valve to release on temp, Or just old age. Also, water expands when its heated, if you recently had a sprinkler system install or a pressure reducing valve on the main water inlet pipe. That may be the problem. When the water expands, it increases the water pressure. As it expands, the presure is absorbed by the in coming water line from the utility company. When a lawn sprinkler or pressure reducing valve is installed. It acts like a stop or blockage. The water cant expand against the incomming pressure. Thus the water pressure exceeds the presure at which the valve will release. Normally at 150 pounds per square inch. I hope this at least gets you going in the right direction. good luck.

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