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Posted by dick on January 18, 19101 at 22:36:18:
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I just did this with an insinkerator brand.
unscrew the drain pipe from the disposal, turn off the power!!! unscew one or two drain fittings so you can move the drain pipe out of the way. disconnect the dishwasher connection, usualy just a hose clamp, and pull it off the disposal.
there is a heavy ring with three tabs sticking out between the disposal and sink. Look for a setscrew in this ring, if you find one, unscrew it. Tap on these tabs with a hammer to unscrew it. Hang onto the disposal, about a 1/4 turn will release it from the sink. Set the disposal in the bottom of the cabinet.

remove the heavy rubber gasket from the top of the disposal and clean and inspect it. it will usualy be ok, no cracks or splits and still soft and pliable. Lowes carrys replacements if needed.
Remove the sink and faucets, etc. Remove the disposal attachement fitting from the sink (threaded nut on the bottom). clean off old putty. apply new plumbers putty liberaly and install the attachment fitting into the drain on the new sink.
Install the new sink and faucets.
replace the rubber gasket on top of the disposal. Pick it up and push it up into the attachment fitting. turn the attachment ring to lock it in place. tap on the tabs with a hammer to be sure it is tight. put the set screw back in if it has one. reinstall the drain pipe and dishwasher connection.

It's easier to do it than it is to explain it. As soon as you get started it will be obvious how it comes apart.

Ive done this with several different brands, they are all similar. never had a problem with the disposals.

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