Mother's oil furnace
Posted by Peter Charak on January 18, 19101 at 22:21:13:
Mother just called. She heard very loud banging sounds in the middle of the night coming from her oil fired furnace which pumps water through the radiators in her house. After steeling herself to go and check, she found that the recirculating-pump motor was smoking. She immediately turned-off the furnace power switch and turned all thermostats all the way down. I had previously replaced that motor with a used one from my junk supply two or so years ago and can do so again. What bothers me is the banging, which she also complained about a few weeks ago while the circ pump motor was presumably still working. I had checked the bleeds on all the rads, and only water came out. I'm not a furnace tech, but curious and capable enough. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

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