Re: Help with capping some lines
Posted by Terry Love on October 29, 1998 at 19:17:21:
In response to Re: Help with capping some lines
There are two ways of going about this;
1) Make sure they are compensated for their time. No plumber likes to hear,
"It's only a little job, it would only take me five minutes, how much would "you" charge to do it?"
I work with many people in the trades on a "I have some work for you" basis. Just bill me when you're done. They will often fit me in before others.

This is a small job, but don't make it seem smaller than it is. Any job like this involves finding the water shutoff, draining down the home, breaking into the wall, soldering the cap on the pipe, and turning the water back on. And then there is the wall patch, does the homeowner take care of that or is that part of the job?

2) The paragraph above can be done by the homeowner, just make sure when soldering, that a faucet is open somewhere, or you will have a leak at the soldered joint. A soldering kit can be bought at the hardware store, don't forget the flux and the leadless solder and to sand the pipe to help ensure a clean joint.


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