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Posted by dick on January 18, 19101 at 21:57:56:
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I have two of the same delta faucets installed. My supply pressure is low (40 psi) . I removed the flow restrictor in the showerhead that came with the faucet but that just made the water jet out too strong. i bought another shower head that had ~50 brass nozzels and drilled out half of the nozzels with a 1/16 drill. This seems to work pretty well. good flow rate without drilling holes in my hide!

The manufacturers limit flow mostly by using flow restrictors in the showerhead. But because the flow is restricted in the showerhead, the flow area thru the valve becomes less important and some new valves have flow passages that restrict flow too much even after the showerhead restrictors are removed. This delta faucet does not seem to be too bad in this respect.
Check the filter and flow passages in the shower head. they may need to be drilled out. check both the mixing valve and the shut off valve for plugging.

: I just had a new 2 handle (1 for volume 1 for temperature) Delta shower fixture installed in my master bathroom. Now the pressure is much lower. I called Delta and they informed me about the new Federal mandated flow regulation of 2.5 gallons a minute. Is there something I can do to the handles or something themselves to increase the pressure? My showerhead allready had the reducer removed.

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