Thanks Terry / other Pros.
Posted by kennyt on January 18, 19101 at 04:44:43:
Hi Terry/Other Plumbing Pros:

1. Terry - I just installed the Toto UltraMax (bought it based on recommendations from your site) and
am really impressed by the 'flush action' compared to the other wimpy 1.6L flush in my home ... that
one's next! Thanks for your site and the toilet perf. report!
Question though, does the ultramax handle have to be held down for the entire duration of the flush?
If I just do a quick press-instant_release, it only lets about 2liters of water out of the tank(i measured
the amount needed to refill)... I'll have to put a note up for guests to perform the flush action correctly.

2. Other Pros - thanks for posting responses to various posts - i've learned a lot from just reading
this board and the responses!.


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