***Major HWH manufacturers require the tanks***
Posted by Rick on January 17, 19101 at 08:47:30:
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"The municipality would only have responsibility if the problem was universal and they failed to require the particular design."
Major hot water heater manufacturers require the thermal expansion tanks in their USE AND CARE MANUALS. Plumbers are installing them in NEW CONSTRUCTION in our area as required in the state code. No, every water heater in town isn't failing after the existing home is hooked up to public water but this is probably due to leaking in the home (perhaps thermal pressure is pushing expanded water into toilet tanks....in my neighbor's case, they didn't experience any problems until an outside leaking hose bib was replaced causing their system to become sealed). Soooooo, surely the municipality should be held responsible for the claims of homeowners of existing homes who have hooked up to the public water system and incurred damages. Right? Still wondering if I have a good claim. Thanks for your response.

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