Re: Price Pfister OX8 Shower/Tub Valve Installation
Posted by Chris on January 17, 19101 at 08:28:50:
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Thanks guys! I promise to mutilate/eat the instructions after I'm done, as well as clearing the browser cache of this helpful and seditious information.

: : Hi Chris.I'm very familiar with PP tub and shower rough-in valves. All PP valves come with a seperate plastic ring which is used when installing the valve onto an acrylic or fibreglas tub or tub and shower enclosure. This ring goes onto the inside of the inclosure, with the valve body on the backside of the enclosure. The shower wall is therefore sandwiched between the two black plastic rings and is now preset at the correct depth to install the trim package. It's great when installing them on tub and shower enclosures. You just need the correct holesaw (3.5" I think) to make the hole in the enclosurewall. If you're just installing the valve in a shower with ceramic tile, the seperate ring is not needed and can be discarded.Good luck, Marty

: Sounds good Marty,
: Also, when using tile, keep the drywall plate flush with what will be your finished surface. In you case tile. Maybe even an 1/8" in from that surface works fine.
: Please burn these instructions from Marty and I to prevent indiscriminate users of Price Pfister faucets from ever setting eyes on it. These instructions should be for people that didn't lose the instructions. Of course in that case you wouldn't have needed them anyway. Good luck and may the faucet gods smile upon you. Terry

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