Re: Chorme pipe broken off inside copper elbow
Posted by hj on January 17, 19101 at 08:06:29:
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About the only extractor that will work is one that a plumber might have. A regular E-Z Out extractor is too long and will damage the elbow. And if you could find the proper extractor, (I have not seen them for sale for years), it could be more expensive to purchase, unless a tool rental yard has one.

: My task was to replace a shower head. While removing the shower head the chrome extension broke off (it comes from the copper pipe in wall). There is a broke off piece of pipe in the elbow at the end of the copper pipe. How can I remove this broke piece to install a new chrome extension? I do not want to cut off the elbow unless absolutely necessary. It is back in the wall behind a built in shower stall and I do not have much access to it.

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