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Posted by hj on January 17, 19101 at 00:52:49:
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If you had a BFP valve you would see it. They are not required everywhere. Dont worry if the plastic disc is broken. The water company wants to read your meter so they will be sure it is replaced.

: Question (1) The public water service was recently installed to the interior of my home. Immediately upon entering my home, the line connected to the water meter was connected to my home water line where the well line use to connect to it. But separating the line that's connected to the water meter at the road and my home water line is a pressure reducing valve and on both sides of it is a shut off valve. I've read on this board that there is suppose to be a back flow valve to prevent contamination of the public water. Where is it located? In the water meter? Could it be installed between the two shut off valves but not visable?
: Question (2) Recently there's been a lot of vandalism by teens in my neighborhood. Who's responsible to pay for vandalism to water meters. My meter has a plastic disk on it that the meter reader touches with a special stick to take a reading each month. If this disk is vandalized, am I responsible for the cost to replace it? Is it expensive? The disk just looks like something kids would notice and smack with a brick. Thanks in advance for any responses to my post.

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