Price Pfister OX8 Shower/Tub Valve Installation
Posted by Chris Maddox on January 15, 19101 at 15:55:54:
I received (vy inexpensively) a P-Pf single handle Shower/Tub faucet from a friend who bought it and did not install it. I am replacing a bathtub and would like to use it.
I have the trim instructions, but he was missing the valve body installation instructions. I know how to plumb it, but it has a drywall trim ring which I can't for the life of me figuure out the purpose of, and I'm unclear on the best way to mount the valve body to the partition structure.
Price Pfister is, oddly, no help; no installation instructions are on their website and when I called customer service, you would have thought I was asking them for the plans for a suitcase nuclear weapon. Without a receipt for the valve from an authorized dealer, they would not even discuss faxing the secret documents to me.
Does anyone have an installation guide for the OX8 valve body, or can describe the mounting of the valve? And why is P-Pf so stingy to consumers?

Thanks! CM

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