Submersible Pump Problems
Posted by John Black on January 15, 19101 at 15:34:11:
My submersible pump is having a problem and I'm hoping for some advice. My pump is a 1/2 hp 230V 5.9Amp (max) 8 years old and in a 300 ft well
When running the water continuously for a significant amount of time (approximately 10-15 minutes)The pump kicks out and requires 2-3 minutes before it can be turned back on and operate. I did some checking with a current meter and the pump draws a steady 4.8 Amps for the entire time that it runs until just before it kicks out the current increases to about 10 Amps at which time the pump stops. The control unit attempts to start the pump but the pump will not run (this is evident by the current seen and the hum that comes from the control box)until it has been turned off for several minutes and then power restored to it. It then works well again for another 10 - 15 minutes. I was told to replace the control box and I did but it did not repair the problem. I have also been told that there could be sand or dirt getting into the pump and that is what is causing it to kick out. I do get sand in my water from time to time when I use it a lot. It was suggested that I raise the pump 2 or 3 feet up in the well to reduce the amount of dirt that it picks up. If I have to replace the pump I obviously will but I hate to pull it all the way out if I don't have to especially since its 300 ft down and there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground right now. If I'm careful with the water there is never a problem. Do you think there is any merit to the dirt thing or is the pump toast?

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