Clogged vent?
Posted by Gil H. on January 15, 19101 at 12:20:25:
We recently installed a new bathroom on the ground floor of a 40-year old home. The room was roughed for a toilet, sink, and shower, and we finally finished it off. It sits on slab, and the drain pipes are terra cotta.

We've had a problem with sewer gases coming from the shower drain, and the toilet was installed incorrectly by the remodeling contractors. I re-installed the toilet correctly, and made a good seal to the flange now.

Now the toilet won't flush correctly, with the water just swirling down instead of a good flush. And when I was working on it, after running water in the shower to ensure the trap was full, someone upstairs flushed the toilet, and I heard the water drain out of the shower trap with a nice loud gurgle!

Months before the remodel, we had a backup in the drain between the shower and the main line. Apparently, the drain from upstairs goes past the shower on its way to the main drain. A large backup ensued through the shower stall drain.

Is the vent clogged?


Gil H.

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