Polybutylene Plumbing Systems (Vanguard Plastics, Inc.)
Posted by Nancy on January 14, 19101 at 15:05:10:
The copper pipes in our almost 40 year old home have developed pin hole leaks over the past few years which my husband repaired. We are now thinking it's time to replace the water system. We would like to use Polybutylene Pipe equipped with a pressure reducing valve to reduce pressure to range of about 50 psi as allowed by our county plumbing code. We'd like to use ploybutylene because the easiest and most cost efficient way to replumb would be through our attic instead of through the walls (we don't have a basement as house is on a slab of concrete). After reading all the posts about polybutylene pipe, I'm thinking maybe our county code is out dated. Is all polybutylene pipe bad? Our county allows it for internal use on water pipe distribution systems.