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Wondering if there have been any class action suits against local government due to the government's failure to inform home owners of the possible adverse damage that may occur from thermal expansion after hooking up to public water closed system or after the homeowner's system becomes a "closed" one with the installation of a back flow preventer. In my area, people have experience problems after replacing their hot water heaters as the local code now requires a pressure reducing valve/back flow preventer be installed at the time of installation of the new unit. BUT the local government doesn't bother to mention that this closed system may cause problems with thermal expansion. Since the local government doesn't warn their water customers, are they opening themselves up to claims for damages?

: After hooking up to public water, my hot water heater had to be replaced due to water in the catch pan. When it was replaced, the new unit released water from the relief valve. The hot water company REP said we were on a sealed water system (check valve/pressure reducing valve) since hooking up to public water. My local plumbing code doesn't mention the need for a thermal expansion tank on a sealed system. The state code does. The local plumbing inspection office says the plumber who hooked me up to public water should have told me about the possible need for a thermal expansion tank. The plumbing inspection office inspector passed the hook up to public water w/o mentioning the possible need for a thermal expansion tank. I had gotten four proposals/bids from plumbers for hook up and none included a thermal expansion tank. The local plumbing inspection office says they are going to require thermal expansion tanks in new homes. My question is: Is the local inspection plumbing office responsible for the damage to my hot water heater (replacement cost) because they knew of the possible problems of hooking up to a sealed system but didn't tell me? If so, I'd like to file a claim with the local government for the cost of the new hot water unit and the cost to install it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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