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Posted by Rick Cote on January 14, 19101 at 02:20:52:
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: Jim:

I learned more about tankless water heaters than I ever wanted to know, and John's advice is right on the mark. I installed two highest-quality German-built units in tandem, UL-approved and everything. All copper tubing, full-soldered connectors, built-in heat and pressure sensors up the kazoo to shut the water and power off at the instant there wasn't both pressure and flow. State of the art.

In brief: luckily we were home when the first one failed and we heard water gushing into the basement full stream. The heating rod had shorted inside the copper and the arc burned a hole through the tubing. So much for the UL Rating and all those fail-safe protective sensors.

I removed the failed unit and continued to run the other one. Darned (language edited) if the second one didn't do the same thing a few months later, again fortunately while we were home to hear it.

To sum up: Are you sure you want tankless water heaters? My wife and I felt the chains were lifted when we threw out the second one. If you install one, stay close tothe homestead! Because they are so compact, internal heat is tremendous during the times they are on and there is a risk. While I can only comment on my high-end German-built units, you might be better served with a conventional "compact" tank-type heater which is available as small as 5 gallon size in both 120- and 240-volt versions. Good luck.

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