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Posted by John Scates on January 13, 19101 at 01:57:03:
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Your question is awfully broad. Maybe a few more specifics would generate some meaningful help.

New construction, or retrofit?

Heater for just one bath, or the whole house?

What is your primary reason for choosing tankless? Are you trying to get "instant-on" hot water, or just don't want a tank?

The answers to these questions will help you decide where to best locate the heater. The nice thing about tankless is that you don't have to locate it in a garage or attic, but can bring it to a location closer to your point of use. However, keep in mind that even tankless eventually corrode and leak (yes even the "plastic" ones fall apart, even if only at the fittings) requiring replacement, so be sure to locate it where it is accessible. Also make sure that you install enough valves so that can bypass it altogether or block it on both ends (inlet and outlet) should problems develop.

One more thing: I have seen one that had aluminum connectors. Be SURE not to connect these directly to copper pipes, or the aluminum will fall apart at the joint through galvanic corrosion.

- John Scates

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