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Posted by hj on January 12, 19101 at 23:15:56:
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If that "special looking fixture with a bolt" was a pressure reducing valve, then removing the bolt should have turned off the water. If that is what it is, screw the bolt back in and check the water pressure while you do it. Stop when the pressure is up to an adequate level. If the pressure does not change then have a plumber replace the valve.

: I have very low water pressure. House is brick slab with age of 23 years. Town water system had no water treatment until 10 years ago. Copper pipes throughout the house and going out to main water supply. At the main shut off valve is some very old looking galvanized pipe fittings in a section about 10 inches long just before the shutoff valve. I suspect this is where the clogging is taking place. I noticed a special looking fitting with a bolt coming out of it. I turned it until it came out, but nothing happened. My question is this: Am I on track as to the most likely source of the low pressure problem? And- Is there a special procedure or tool to undo the fitting that has the bolt coming out of it?
: Thanks very much for your help.

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