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Posted by The Plumbinator on January 12, 19101 at 20:39:30:
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: : The toilet in my master bath (I have three) makes a burp-burp-burping noise whenever I turn on and then off another other water sources in the house (ie, sprinkler system, sink, bathtub, shower). It happens immediately upon turning off the water supply. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is causing this? Once, I also heard a similar noise coming from my water heater when I happened to be in the garage when my husband turned on and off a water supply. But, none of the other fixtures does this. Thanks, Tracy

: Tracy, it sounds like your vent is the likely problem. You should have someone come and clean it out. The air escapes through the vent so if the vent is clogged the air is escaping out of the toilet.

No it's not a clogged vent. The sewer is clogged and the building drain is full of water. The vent opening in the drain is submerged and that's what's causing the "burping". The sewer needs to be rodded or repaired, not the vent.

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