Re: Bubbles in the toilet?
Posted by terry mc on January 12, 19101 at 16:58:33:
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: About a week ago our toilet started bubbling. We didn't think anything of it since it was working OK. But then, while I was bathing one day, we were running a load of laundry. The toilet started bubbling again, then the water from the washing maching started coming up the drain in the tub and the toilet backed up. My husband does maintenance and used a snake, (100 ft), to clean out the line from the toilet. We ran in to a few obstructions and cleared them out. Everything worked OK for a day or so, then it happened again. Again we brought out the snake and ran it the full length. That didn't work. We called the city and they came out yesterday and cleaned their lines. They said they pulled out a bunch of roots. Again, everything was OK for the rest of the day and this morning. Then I took a bath. While the tub was draining, the toilet started bubbling again and the tub stopped draining. I left it for about 1/2 hour and then came back. The tub had drained and the water level in the toilet bowl had dropped below normal. What are we missing?

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