just moved in & the Cast Iron Wall (built in) radiators need help!
Posted by RB on January 08, 19101 at 19:57:29:
I have hot-water radiators (or so I'm told) that are in need of serious cleaning out. Just looking inside
the very small openings all you can see is dust that must be inches thick. I've just moved in, and am VERY
allergic to dust and this dust is so thick it wouldn't even loosen with the vacuum. Any way to clean this out
even though its winter here in the Northeast?

The radiators look to have some sort of a rounded coil inside that runs the long length of the inside, this coil
is what is completely covered with dirt, carpeting pieces and major dust. I'm guessing the radiators in each room
are about 18-24 inches high and 5-7 feet long. I thought perhaps that I could unscrew the grill & fold it down to
clean out the inside but I don't know if that is safe or even possible. THe openings on the front are very small &
are a series of thin long oval shapes in one row and another row on top of them (probably not more than 1/4 inch openings).

Any suggestions on how to clean this out FAST without having to wait until winter is past would be greatly appreciated!


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