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Posted by Howard on January 07, 19101 at 22:38:52:
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: My home was recently replumbed with Copper replacing Polybutelyne. As hot water begins flowing, there is a loud knocking sound five or six time before it finally stops. I have had water hammers installed on both hot and cold water lines. Don't think it is water hammer because it occurs while hot water is actually running. I have adjusted temperature and even decreased water pressure at the cutoff. Nothing seems to help.
: Appreciate your suggestions.

: Thanks,
: Mike Murray

Sounds like expansion creep. I don't know how your house is built or the copper installed, but if it is strapped tight to wood, without insulation, it will sound like knocking, but it is actually expansion, the copper bound in a strap or drilled hole and growing when it is heated by the hot water.

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