Re: Problem with new deeper sink
Posted by hj on January 07, 19101 at 09:10:36:
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The answer to all of your questions about the potential problems is, Yes. But in addition, that water in the disposer will cause a vibration problem when the disposer is turned on since the disposer will have to act as a pump and push that water on first before it starts grinding the material.

: I just installed a new sink that is 5 inches deeper than the original. I now have a problem, the drain out of the house is now higher than the outlet of my garbage disposal. Is this a problem or not. With the outlet drain being higher than the garbage disposal outlet will this cause the disposal to wear out prematurely, is this type setup in code, will the water inside the garbage disposal that does not drain completely cause an ordor problem etc... Since I am not a plumber I need some advise on this subject.

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