Clogged Sewer Line?
Posted by Laurene on January 06, 19101 at 19:03:34:
Just recently (3 weeks to be exact) I started experiencing some water in my basement, just a little at first. I thought it was seepage from a big rainstorm. Since then it has gotten worse. I have city sewer. I have a hole in the corner of my basement floor, 4" dia., old clay pipe. It has not spit anything out of it until now. I just had a plumber snake the line (not my sewer line)and he said it was clear. This is a new house built on a very old foundation. While that line is not (supposedly) my sewer line, he said at one time it could have been an outlet. The problem seems to occur when I run my wasing machine. Water and toilet paper (new, un-biodegraded toilet paper) is coming out of that hole. Could I have a sewer line blockage, and the water can seep through, but maybe the pressure of the washer emptying out is too much, so the water is being forced through that hole? Now I am afraid to do wash again. I know I need to call the plumber again, but does this sound logical? At one time these old houses in my neighborhood dumped into a river that runs in back of the houses. Anyone have any ideas or similiar experiences?

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