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Posted by hj on January 05, 19101 at 22:01:18:
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The plastic ones do plug up faster.Brass ones are availble and are preferred when low price is not the critera.

: I too have a double sink with a disposal in the left-hand basin. My problem is that when the disposal is turned on, it sends the waste out with such velocity that it easily sprays up into the right-hand sink, dirtying the pots drying in the in-sink rack!

: I've seen a PVC "T" joint that has a baffle designed to prevent this (I think it's called a "sanitary joint"), but it looks to me like the opening on each side of the baffle is pretty small, and disposal waste might be able to clog it up. Is there a brass/chrome version, perhaps with a larger diameter that could prevent clogging? Am I being paranoid about the clogging? I also thought that a 45 deg. elbow on the disposal out-pipe could throw the waste further down the main drain line (and give it a downward "thrust"), as the horizontal part of this "T" system (that connects the two sinks) is only about 2-3" inches below the sink bottoms.

: What do you PROS do with double-sink/disposal setups to prevent this "crossflow"?

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