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Posted by Jv on January 05, 19101 at 12:56:26:
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>>> Thanks for your reply John. I used Teflon tape on this joint (copper male connector to brass shower unit) prior to this but then it leaked (a drop every 5 minutes) a couple of hours later so I mistakenly used the plumber's putty instead of the pipe-joint compound, on a new male threaded brass connector.

This work was done on the cold water inlet side of the American Standard single handle shower faucet. It's all hidden behind the wall now, I'm just afraid that it might leak down the road because the wrong type of seal was used.

: I feel strongly that Teflon tape is the best. On plastic parts (not your case) any petroleum in the compound eventually attacks the plastic. On rare occasions, it also fails in metal joints - maybe by washing out. Is there a reason why you do not want to use tape?

: Compound should only be used on tapered pipe threads where the seal is created by an increasing interference fit. Flare fittings and compression fittings rely on the development of intimate metal-to-metal contact over a small area to seal. I frequently see these fail when compound or tape is used, as it only interferes with the intended contact between surfaces and may eventually wash out.

: - John

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