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Posted by Bobby on January 05, 19101 at 03:56:16:
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: We have about 130 apartments in two different locations. The most common problem we have is with the toilet flapper, which is three times as bad at one location as the other. The flappers just seem to deterioate quickly. Is there anything we can do to cut down on repair calls? Is there some special kind of kit we can put in the tank?

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: Bartow

About 4 years ago, many water closet manufacturers used a manufacturer's "NEW" version of a flapper that just wasn't quite right. I'm betting that the apartment complex that has more bad flappers than the other also has colder ground water. If the water coming into the tank is really cold, it can actually "curl" the flapper, thus not allowing it to seal. Also, they will dteriorate rapidly if the tenants are using bowl cleaners in the tank - i.e., 2000 flushes. Go to a supplier and ask for a medical grade plastic flapper, and neither cold water or bowl cleaners will affect them.

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