No trap in shower drain - PU!
Posted by Gil H. on January 04, 19101 at 14:28:37:
We recently had a bathroom with shower stall installed in a part of the 40-year old house that was designed for it, but never finished off.

The contractor thought there was already a trap in the shower floor drain (which is on the the second level up in a split-level house, based in concrete), but apparently there isn't, since we have a strong smell of sewer gases coming from there.

Is there a trap that we can 'drop-in' to the existing 2" drain, or will we have to dig it up and put in the correct drain fixture (with a trap!)? Previously, there was a cap on this drain. It was forced up by a bad clog in the connector to the laundry room. The drain from the upstairs toilets hits this shower drain before flowing to the laundry room floor drain and then to the sewer line. There was s**t everywhere when that happened, because we did not notice it for a day.

Also, the drain for the toilet in that room is rather close to the wall. I wasn't there when the contractor installed the toilet, and now, for the second time, the seal has broken between the flange and the toilet base. I suspect that the toilet is not sitting square to the drain, and that is causing the problem. I thought I remembered seeing an offset flange adapter available - is there one made? and by whom?

I also suspect that when they broke the concrete plug out of the drain, that some debris went down and is stuck or causing a partial clog. Only when it gets clogged does the water come up from the broken seal. I know I have to snake the drain when I pull the toilet.

And they did not fill the open area around the base of the toilet with plumber's putty. Arent' you supposed to do that to help the wax seal from blowing out when there is a backup?

Thanks for any help!

Gil H.

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