Crane Shower system
Posted by Doug on January 03, 19101 at 10:33:09:
I have an old (my house was built circa 1930, original, I'm not sure)Crane shower single handle faucet with a separate diverter. The handle goes from SHUT to COLD to HOT. The diverter goes from SHOWER AND SPRAY to SHOWER to SPRAY. It works well, but my problem is that I can not get it to stop dripping. Yes, I know that it takes a bit of time for the upper shower to finish draining, but not all day and night. I have replaced the washer(s) behind the single handle, just beneath the two cone shaped inserts. Of course I had to fabricate the washers as all plumbing shops laughed when I brought the unit in to ask about it. They all agreed that I was out of luck. Any help out there?

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