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Posted by hj on January 02, 19101 at 08:47:53:
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You can cut the cleanout fitting off right at the end of the pipe. Then make a cut vertically down thru the remaining hub to the pipe. Next take a sharp small screwdriver and try to drive it between the hub and the pipe at the cut. If you are lucky, they will separate and then you can continue around the fitting. If it breaks or is otherwise damaged, then go to the lower fitting. Tighten a hose clamp around the fitting to provide resistance to splitting, then make the two cuts on the inserted pipe out to the fitting and remove the small piece between the cuts. Then try to peel the pipe away from the fitting. If neither one works, then you will have to replace both fittings but that is what you would have had to do anyway.
: Is it possible to remove a glued PVC fitting? How? I have a DWV comming into the house through a basement slab. I need a different fitting besides the 4" clean out. I want to add a sink. There is not enough pipe to cut out the clean out and install a new fitting (only a half inch of pipe between fittings). What can I do?

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