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Posted by Mark Winslow on January 02, 19101 at 03:57:55:
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The line should not hold any water. When the line is run it should slope 1/4" per foot or 1/4 bubble on a level. Make the run as uniform as possible without any sags. Use sweep fittings whenever you have to offset the run.
: I had a problem last spring with a plugged sewer line "City" about 10 feet from the house. When I broke
: (litterly) the clean out plug I had to catch a lot of sewage. I used am auger to clean it out and found a big
: clump of roots. My question is should that section of sewer pipe remain full of water or is there an improper
: connection outside the house where the old septic system was removed. I have been toying with the idea
: of replacing this section from inside the house to the main pipe from the city with plastic, so if it is presently
: done wrong I need to make sure that I do it right. Thanks

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