Re: Help with frozen cap assembly -- Delta faucet
Posted by Mark Winslow on January 01, 19101 at 15:48:16:
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This is a common problem with the oder delta valves. Take a pair of pliers and give the cap a couple of sharp blows at the base of the cap. Then try to turn ot by hand. Keep doing this until is comes free. Works every time. Do not use pliers to turn the cap, you will ruin the valve.
: You will have to ruing the cap. Use a torch and heat around the edge of the cap. Heat it a bit and then try to unscrew it. Keep repeating the process. Eventually you will reach a point where the cap will unscrew like it did when it was new. Then replace the cap with one of the new ones with a plastic washer which is supposed to keep it from happening.

: : I need to replace the rubber seats on my single handle
: : Delta faucet (lavoratory). Problem is that the cap assembly is frozen and I can't get it unscrewed.
: : Can anyone offer some advice on how to get things unstuck. I'd very much appreciate it.

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