Re: Low pressure with Soft water system
Posted by Keith Bevan on January 01, 19101 at 14:43:58:
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: Did you bypass the chlorine system also? I have seen few areas around here, (Phoenix), that have low pressure. Our problems are usually too much pressure. Check the pressure before it gets to the softener. If you are in SCottsdale do you have a pressure reducing valve?

The carbon or charcoal filter and soft water system are hooked together with no way for me to test pressure on the inbound side. My guess is that the totally mechanical Kinetico system reduces the presssure to the rest of the house so the system does not get damaged. Now did the installers lower the pressure to do that????

I do not know. but it kinda makes sense. I will call them right after the holiday to see what they say. I do not know where a pressure reducing valve is on our plumbing. We live in Gilbert.

Any other ideas welcomed.

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