Multiple-flush modern toilets
Posted by Ed Wentz on January 01, 19101 at 13:41:10:
I am one of the fortunate many who received free toilets from our water supplier. These are Eljer 1.6 gallon flush toilets. After continual stoppages and using sometimes 3 and 4 flushes to dispose of "normal" amounts of waste, I wish I had my old toilets back. I was in a new elementary school the other day and when I flushed the toilet everything disappeared in a flash. When I checked on the small print I discovered it was a 1.6 gallon flusher but this thing would make anything go away, in one flush! I would buy two of these in a second except that they are slightly longer and won't fit in my bathroom. I would welcome the slight increase in noise to have a one flush toilet anyday!

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