Raw Sewage in basement
Posted by Pam on December 31, 19100 at 15:18:48:
we had an awful sewer backup from the drain in our floor. Our home has a sump pump and was built in the early 60's.The water was like a geizer,the city said they were fully at fault.I am wondering, they were digging in the same area a few weeks prior could this have had anything to do with it.Then after a heavy rain our basement filled with sewage for the first time since it was built. They just said they had a block all leading into out home, one supervisor told us he has never seen this happen in our area in the thirty-three years he has worked the area.They went right to the spot they had worked on before to unplug it. We also have low water pressure in the bathroom taps and they always smell like sewer,We never drink this water.
Any ideas?? Sorry for such a long post. Thanks.

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