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Posted by hj on December 31, 19100 at 09:44:19:
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Did you bypass the chlorine system also? I have seen few areas around here, (Phoenix), that have low pressure. Our problems are usually too much pressure. Check the pressure before it gets to the softener. If you are in SCottsdale do you have a pressure reducing valve?

: Since having a Kinetico soft water and whole house chlorine reduction system over 3 years ago our water pressure at the shower has been low. I am now sick of it and am trying to find a solution. So far, i have tried the following:
: Pulled Delta valve apart and checked for debris restricting flow. No problems found.

: Installed new Shower Massage head and pulled out the 2.5 gal restrictor. Still not enough pressure to make full use of the message settings.

: Pulled head off and checked flow. Goofd arc but not a high pressure stream.

: Diverted flow from the Kinetico system by using bypass function. No change to low pressure, but only ran about a minute.

: Any ideas on what can be done?

: How about a pressure pump and tank system?

: Thanks

: Keith
: Phoenix, AZ USA

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