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I do not know why they would have gone to the trouble of running the vents into the attic and then put Studor vents on them. If it is not a great deal of trouble, I would extend all the vents through the roof, or tie some together before exiting the roof if they are close together, to eliminate the possibility of a mechanical failure in the Studors giving the odors. Also, if you have a roof top air conditioner, be sure that its condensate drain is not going to a vent. I just had one like that and with low humidity, the drain trap did not get enough condensate to keep it sealed and the air conditioner pulled the sewer fumes into the system.

: This summer I moved into 4 year old house built w/ septic tank.

: Septic tank smell arrived in the autumn.
: No septic smell outside.

: Autumn. Hmm. Must be when the themostatic attic fan stops kicking in.

: I go to the attic. The smell is worst there. Found a vent pipe coming into the attic.

: Called county inspections. They said the builder must have forgot to put on the studor vent.
: I installed the studor vent. Tested it first. I'm sure I did it right.

: Smell went away for a day. No smell in attic.

: But smell came back.

: It's not as bad in the attic, but I can still smell it up there a little -- about as bad as rest of house.

: Could find no other open vent pipes in attic.

: 2 4" vent pipes go thru roof, so don't need studor vents.

: Lots of studor vents thru rest of house. Under sinks everywhere.

: Had septic tank pumped. Problem went away for a few days.

: Fed bacteria to septic tanks. Problem not affected.

: Had plumber come and look for problem. He couldn't find anything.

: Have sniffed a lot of drains. Cannot find the source of the smell.

: Questions:

: 1) Any thing such as a smoke bomb I could flush down a toilet, to see what vents and whether I have any leaks in my vent pipes?

: 2) Any other way to find leaks?

: 3) Should I be able to find a vent pipe near the septic tank? Does methane etc. produced by septic tank go out thru roof, or is there a separate vent pipe for septic tanks that keep the tank from pushing bubbles through your toilet traps, etc.

: 4) Suggestions?

: 5) Any recommendations for a plumber here in North Atlanta that is an expert in these kinds of problems?

: (I've paid a plumber and a septic tank person. Never really wanted to be an expert myself...)

: Thanks for all advice.

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