Gas Water Heater
Posted by Blitzburgh on December 26, 19100 at 09:08:47:
I have a gas water heater. Recently, the water hasn't been as hot; the recovery hasn't been as quick. I turned up tank's temperature a "smidge" and it seems a bit better. Questions...My tank sits in a utility room next to the garage. As it's been REAL cold here in the Pittsburgh area for several weeks, is it possible the water temperature is not as strong due to the garage being unusually cold? The tank itself was new with the house and the house is now 6 and a half years old. My big concern is the tank will either explode or cause some mess in my utility room. Are these concerns justified? The big question I do nothing: do I find out if somethings wrong and fix it; or get a new hot water tank now before the thing bursts? Thanks...please also reply any words of wisdom to

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