Basement concrete bathroom
Posted by Rodney on December 25, 19100 at 22:49:08:
I am currently installing a bathroom in my basement. They main toilet drain is right next to where my new toilet is going to be, my question is 2 parts. 1. What is the best way to break up the concrete. One person said use a concrete saw to score the concrete and then use a jack hammer to break it up. and then someone else said just a jackhammer. The space is only about 1-3 ft. The 2nd question is, once the concrete is broken up, what is the best way to cut the pipe and install a new pipe. (meaning, how do I move the main pipe to install the male/female ends on the pipes. Should I cut the main drain coming down the way first and then put a joint female piece so it will allow me to move the pipe around in the floor?


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