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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on December 25, 19100 at 09:57:35:
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hj: Touche..correcto mundo..mia culpa! Bud

: I would hope the relief valve is wasted, since I would never reinstall one on a new water heater. And most tanks come with the T&P installed these days.

: : Gary:Replace the T&P valve, if it still contiues to drip occasionly install a thermal expansion tank. The tank will provide a buffer when water expands after beeing heated. I suspect that your water supplier has placed a double check valve at your meter to comply with a Federal mandate to control water quality.
: : The T&P valve and the tank will not be wasted money, you will be needing them when you eventually retire your present water heater.
: : Merry Christmas.......Bud.
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