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Posted by hj on December 25, 19100 at 09:36:23:
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If the water is cold or cool, then the relief valve is defective, unless your water pressure increased above its setting. If it is defective replacing it will cure that problem. The next thing to do is to find out why it started draining in the first place. If it is a pressure problem, your pressure reducing valve may have failed. If it is draining because the tank got too hot, then you need the water heater to be serviced. The repair will depend on whether it is an electric or gas water heater. I would assume it is electric and an element burned out. If so, the reset button will have to be pressed in order to get hot water again.

: i just came home from church and water was running out the pipe connected to the relief valve on my hot water heater. it has now been running about 15 minutes. It is 8:56 on christmas eve. I do not think is this good but do not have a clue what i should do. Can anyone help me, thanks.

: Paul

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