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Posted by Mark Winslow on December 24, 19100 at 17:22:58:
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: I have a rough-in for a full bath in a U-shape-corner of my basement. I want to put in the walls and floor myself and have a plumber install the fixtures. The info I need is the location and thickness of the walls.

: Concrete wall measument - 11' wide (back wall) & as long as I need it. Picture the layout-Sink on right, toilet center, and shower on left along the 11" back wall.

: I have a 4" pipe out of the floor connecting to a 2" vent & a 2" drain. I assume this is for the sink. Located 8" from back wall and 30" from right side wall. A 2" pipe for the drain is 17" from floor.

: Centered is a 4" toilet fixture on floor 21" from back wall. Does this have to be raised for the floor? (2x4's with 3/4" plywood flooring.)

: 4" cap on floor is 14" from back wall & 44" from left side wall. Is this the tub/shower drain? I plan on putting in a long shower stall.

: Do I put the wall studs directly against the conrete walls or bring them out a bit for deeper wall thickness? Do I need 6" wall depth to hide pipes, etc? What is the minimum distances from the walls for the fixtures?

Is there any way you can lay the existing pipes out in a diagram and email it to me. ( If a plumber roughed it in one of the pipes is most likely the toilet vent. Hard to picture the way you are describing it

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