Re: Leaking supply line to toilet.
Posted by Mark Winslow on December 24, 19100 at 17:09:16:
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: Scott,

: Try snugging up the nut holding the ball cock/flush valve . . . just above the upper supply connection.

: John

: : I need help ....
If the supply is leaking where it screws onto the ballcock, the threads on the ballcock might be cracked (this happens on plastic ballcocks). If this is the case replace the ballcock.
: : I installed a new toilet and am hooking up the supply line. Checked to make sure both connections were tight
: : and turned on the valve. But supply line slow leaked from the top on the supply line fitting. I then used teflon
: : tape on the plastic connection. Handed tightened and then wrench tightened. Again it leaked. I tried several
: : different supply lines with the same results. Is there some goop or something to use? This is on a Toto Drake Toilet.
: : Thanks ....

Make sure the leak is coming from the supply and not where the ballcock bolts to the tank. If the supply line keeps leaking from the top the ballcock might be cracked where the supply screws on (this happens on plastic ballcocks).

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