New homeowner with a sewer dilema
Posted by James on December 24, 19100 at 15:07:10:
I am a new homeowner and am learning a lot as I've been going along with remodeling my new home.

One problem I've run into twice deal with my sewerline... My third week in the home i found that a third of my basement had water that had backed out from the sewer ( I have a drain there since I am in a lowland area that has been previously known for flooding in the past but not for years now.). I know the water came from there due to large amounts of remnants I wont describe but had a lovely odor. A friend of mine is a plumber and accessed my sewer line through the clean out and snaked the puppy for about 15-20 feet...My sewer was fine for a month and now its backing up again. Anyone have any ideas as to what i can use to clear out this offending clog? I've seen numerous products of various acidic qualities that claim they clear out your sewer line...Do you reccomend that I try one?

Thanks in advance...

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