Basement Bath
Posted by Dave Gley on December 24, 19100 at 12:48:55:
I have a rough-in for a full bath in a U-shape-corner of my basement. I want to put in the walls and floor myself and have a plumber install the fixtures. The info I need is the location and thickness of the walls.

Concrete wall measument - 11' wide (back wall) & as long as I need it. Picture the layout-Sink on right, toilet center, and shower on left along the 11" back wall.

I have a 4" pipe out of the floor connecting to a 2" vent & a 2" drain. I assume this is for the sink. Located 8" from back wall and 30" from right side wall. A 2" pipe for the drain is 17" from floor.

Centered is a 4" toilet fixture on floor 21" from back wall. Does this have to be raised for the floor? (2x4's with 3/4" plywood flooring.)

4" cap on floor is 14" from back wall & 44" from left side wall. Is this the tub/shower drain? I plan on putting in a long shower stall.

Do I put the wall studs directly against the conrete walls or bring them out a bit for deeper wall thickness? Do I need 6" wall depth to hide pipes, etc? What is the minimum distances from the walls for the fixtures?

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